Season's Greetings and Happy 2012 New year!

Dearest patients and Friends,

As the year 2011 comes to a close, I want to take a moment to wish you and your family a happy holiday season as well as share my thoughts as we end what has been a true roller coaster of a year for us here at the office. At the end of each year, we celebrate a very joyful occasion as well: the anniversary of our practice - Torrey Hills Family Dentistry is 6 years old! 

In last year’s end-of-the-year letter, I pledged to take more time off, and make more “me” time, and I did just that! It took a while to emotionally accept spending so much time away from the office, and realize at the end that I really needed that balance in my busy life. Some of that extra free time was joyfully spent with my children, Kenan and Anya, now 14 and 12, both in middle school. For the first time since they were little, I find myself questioning my parenting skills. How do you parent a teenager anyway? It is definitely a never-ending learning process, especially if “perfection” is the end goal. My husband Djamal, as always, is very patient and supportive of my work, and caringly encourages my work-life balance.

2011 has been an interesting year for sure. It has been the least predictable year we’ve had so far. Despite our own struggle, we stayed sensitive to people’s financial situations and budgets. With consumer confidence so fragile, we never took our relationship with our patients for granted, and rather stayed cost conscious and thoughtful. Our free teeth cleaning campaign last year was very successful and was claimed by many good faithful patients. It was so inspiring that we wanted to extend it for this year as well. I hope that it is considered as a small contribution on our part to get some patients through more difficult times. You have responded by referring more patients to our office, and we really appreciate that.

We must stay positive. It is important to remember that, throughout history, people have regularly overcome problems of similar and even bigger magnitude. Despite obvious headwinds we face, we remain absolutely committed to growing and improving ourselves in the years ahead, and resolved to remain highly disciplined and humble in the way we do business.

My staff and I have had our best year ever working together as a cohesive team. I can assure you that it takes great energy and commitment to deliver consistent quality, and that “quality is never an accident” (I borrowed this from somewhere :) . We work really hard to exceed your expectations, to deliver quality work, and to provide outstanding customer service. Please let us know what we can do better or different going forward, as we continue to strive to improve. And, of course, I will never be able to express just how grateful I am for your business, your referrals, our relationship over the years and your genuine care and friendship. Your kindness and warm smiles make coming to work everyday a joy.

On behalf of the whole staff, thank you again for your confidence and support. I hope that the year-end brings the opportunity for some time off with your family.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season and a healthy and successful 2012!

Kind Regards,

Soraya Bouzida, DDS