• Thanks a lot guys!!!! You are a wonderful team. I really appreciate your smiles and kindness every time I go to the dentist ;-) ... I love you all LOL! Have a great day. Kisses B.J. Jun. 10, 2013.


  • Dear Dr.Bouzida, Eliie Drea, Rebecca, and Taylor In adidition to wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I just wanted to thank you for making my visit today stress-free and pain free! :-) Ever since my horrific experience with the dentist as a child, I have always been super fearful of stepping into a dental office- until that is, when I met you and your absolutely wonderful staff! Thank you for allaying my fears associated with dentistry by being patient with and providing a wonderful distractions ( Thank you ceiling TV !). Also thank you for making your office feel more like a "SPA" than a cold dental office. You guys are Fabulous!! Warmly, S.W. Dec. 12, 2012.


  • Dear Dr.Bouzida, Thank you very, vey much for your generous -Day Donation!! Lauren and I can't wait and we are busy training and fundraising to help fund a cure to end this terrible disease. I feel lucky yo have found you for our dental health, but more importantly you are a very special person and a role model to the girls. You are appreciated Girlie :-) Nov. 15, 2012.


  • Hi Candice, I wanted to thank Dr. Bouzida, you and the rest of the team. I can’t imagine having to deal with filling a cavity of a 3-year old and I know my son is not the easiest. Please thank her from me. As a mom and because of my experience with my older son, I was worried (which is why my husband takes him J). I am so impressed and hope he will do better each time. E.B. Feb. 2, 2012.


  • Dear Dr. Bouzida, Thank you so much for taking a look at my mother's case & helping out.  I greatly appreciate you spending time & energy to help out.  My mom says thank you to you too!  We are lucky to have a dentist like you.  Best regards, S.S. Mar 2, 2011.


  • Dear Dr. Bouzida, I am truly so amazed with the painfree and calm manner in which you efficiently removed my son's tooth!  I am extremely impressed and feel so lucky to have you for our family dentist.  In addition to being so skilled and talented, you are a very sweet and caring person.  I always enjoy coming in to see you (and Candice.)  Thank you again for putting in the extra effort to be a fabulous dentist!! Love, T.B. Jan 21, 2011.


  • Dear Soraya, Thank you so much for my beautiful "matching" smile!  This last one really worked and I really appreciate doing it for me.  Hope your day is as bright as my new smile.  All the best, M.B. June 9, 2010.


  • Dr. Bouzida,   My appointments last week both went so perfectly I had to write and say Thank You!  The cleaning was fine and I never felt one iota of pain from the work you did the next day.  Great job! Thanks, Ron.  Mar 10, 2010.


  • If anyone had ever told me that it could be fun going to the dentist, I would never have believed them. However, going to Torrey Hills Family Dentistry has been a fun and enjoyable experience. The staff are very welcoming, helpful and informative and the atmosphere is very relaxed. All options for treatment are fully explained and the treatment itself is completely stress-free. Not only is there soothing music but it is possible to watch television or a DVD during treatment. It has been a pleasure being a patient here. Catherine. Jun 21, 2009.


  • Just wanted to personally thank you for the amazing service our family has received from you over the years.  Your staff shines in so many ways, from the positive & professional atttitudes to the way Candice cheerfully answers the phone, greets people at the door, and efficiently handles billing situations.  We feel very lucky to have all of your team as our family dentist.  We look forward to the years ahead!  PS: Dr. Bouzida - special thanks to you for helping me through my painful (when I arrived at your office) root canal.  I don't know of many dentists who meet their patients after hours because they truly care and want to give that extra effort.  From start to finish, I was so impressed with your skill & ability to make the process virtually pain-free.  You're truly one in a million!!  Tifanny and the Gang.  Feb 02, 2009.


  • I just went to Dr. Bouzida's office today and was AMAZED! She is an incredible dentist with extraordinary abilities.  I have many many caps that were not put there by her (unfortunately) and one chipped...many people referred me to her and going to the dentist is not my favorite thing- I was very nervous but even before I arrived just the confirmation call gave me some insight that this was going to be a good experience. The staff is very well trained, warm and welcoming!!!!  I arrive , no wait (Big Bonus). There is a TV on the cieling (DVDs or TV....Food Network for me)  Also she sets me up shots first NO PAIN YIPPIEEEEEE....Puts this thing in my mouth that keeps it open and so I can relax my mouth and lips while this whatever it is keeps my mouth open (LOVED IT) she takes off the old cap effortlessly ....so the thing that dentist use to keep the tooth dry.. you know what I mean it shoots very cold air on your tooth WELL her shoots warm air...A very pleasent feeling....and the water that they use is WARM TOO!!!!! I was in awe..in love...for a girl that is very sensitive and has been through alot with the whole dentist thing..I cannot express enough what a GREAT okay that does not do her and her staff justice... AN  INCREDIBLE WONDERFUL DENTAL HOUR.  5 STARS...  Stephanie P. Mar 03, 2008.


  • "Dr. Soraya Bouzida is a great dentist for both children and adults.  She uses the latest technology (e.g., digital X-rays, water disinfection system) alongside simple comfort enhancements like heated water and heated air for squirting into your mouth. Important to our family is that Dr. Bouzida does not use sedation, which we will not submit our children to.  Instead, she just makes the whole experience a calm and pleasant one.  Watching TV or a DVD while she works on you makes the experience that much more pleasant."  Ben O. Nov. 30, 2007.


  • "Dr. Bouzida is a highly skilled and very personable dentist. Her office is brand new and has state-of-the-art equipment, including X-Rays that are visible immediately after they're taken and a small camera that shows exactly what's going on in your mouth. She carefully and professionally walked me through her assessment of my teeth, explaining what she saw and what it meant, and never tried to push me to do something I didn't need or wasn't comfortable with. I highly recommend her!"  Bill G. Nov. 15, 2007.


  • "Dr. Bouzida did a wonderful job of filling in several of my cavities and removing my wisdom teeth. I didn't feel any pain at all. I would highly recommend her." Tim W. Nov 13, 2007.


  • "I wanted to personally thank you for providing great dental service to me yesterday.  In fact, it was the best visit ive ever had at a dentist’s office.  I could not stop raving about you to my fiancé, whom i am referring to your office if her insurance covers your office.  It was fantastic to see the xrays in person and in such detail, the flat screen TV on the ceiling and thorough cleaning/inspections you and your staff performed.  Well done!" Ryan B.  July 30, 2007.


  • "Dr Bouzida has restored my faith in dentistry, I have not been to the dentist in many years because I was afraid of the dentist especially of the needle, I went and saw Dr Bouzida because my tooth was hurting, her genuine care and personable attention made me at ease , she restored all of my teeth and I did not feel any pain, even her injections are painless....now that she moved to her own new office, I am traveling 30 miles each way to go see her...she is my dentist for life! " 
    Linda Z- Retired-


  • " Dr Bouzida and her staff are so cool! they are friendly and warm and really care about their patients." 


  • "Dr Bouzida's office is the most beautiful dental office I have ever seen, everything is so hi-tech , the colors are so warm, the ambiance is so inviting...I dont feel I am at a dental office, I like going there!"


  • Dr. Bouzida's practice is different from any I have ever experienced.  Her focus on individual relationships with patients is obvious, as she spent an unusual amount of time with me, patiently explaining the purpose of every procedure.  She also places significant importance on patient education -- her high tech office made it easy for me to actively view every procedure, and she encouraged me to ask questions.  Dr. Bouzida's personal, interactive practice encouraged me to take active control of my own dental health in a way that my previous dentists had not. 
    Jaime H-Lawyer-