Season's Greetings and Happy New Year!

Dearest Friends and Valued Patients,

I hope this letter finds you and your family happy and healthy.  My heart fills with joy and gratitude as I take the pride and honor to inform you that we are celebrating our 5th year anniversary!!


Five years mark an opportunity to reflect on the practice’s progress towards the realization of the initial dream - the dream I was armed with when I took the plunge and opened the doors of Torrey Hills Family Dentistry.  I knew I needed to prepare for the challenges … and challenges there were plenty.  The hard work and the expectations, constantly working the numbers with overhead and expenses, the challenge of finding and training the right employees, the continuing education, my study group meetings, the demands of juggling my practice and my family life and its ever-growing need for my time and involvement.  Nothing prepared me to the heartwarming feeling of the emotional reward I would get from the genuine and simple friendships I have developed with my patients; this aspect makes it that much more enjoyable and worthwhile. Thank you for your genuine care and warm smiles.  I appreciate you more than words can express.

Along with the anniversary milestone, my staff and I are celebrating another victory: two years in being mostly green!  I hope that you do not find this email “impersonal.”  Using technology to our advantage and using paper as little as possible is our way of contributing with humility to preserving our planet.

We have some new staff members to serve you. As always, thank you for your feedback and patience.  Finding and training the right staff has been quite challenging, but I am confident that I have found the right people who fit the practice standards.  I had my own share of coaching and learning to do as well.  In five years, I learned that it takes a lot more than just telling others about your vision.

On the personal side, my New Year resolution is to take more time off to recharge and have more family time, especially that the children seem to grow at a faster pace.  Having a teenager in the house this year reminds me of this everyday.  My son Kenan is 13 and in Middle School, and my daughter Anya is 11, currently in 6th grade. They have been so busy with school demands and various activities they are involved in that, at times, I wonder, “are we pushing our children a bit too hard to be successful later in life?”  I am a firm believer that pushing children to score higher marks in exams does not ensure success, for I define success as being happy and content in life. How could I convey to them that life is too short and that they should stop and smell the flowers when my own life is a race against the clock? I guess I have to find that balance myself and channel my passion for work and drive for personal accomplishment in a healthier way.  I am fortunate to have my partner in life and husband Djamal to help in this area.

What is most rewarding about this year is that, while some practices have been struggling to keep busy, we have managed to do as good as last year. We did have two or so slower months that set us back slightly; we still managed to do really well during the worst recession of modern time.  I could not have done it on my own. Your loyalty, your generous referrals of your friends, family and coworkers helped keep our schedule full and productive.  As you may know, we do not advertise our practice, so the only form of referral source we have is you!!  And your contribution has helped us in a very meaningful way.

To all of you who were harshly affected by the decline of the economy, either because you or your partner lost employment or benefits, I will extend the courtesy of a free teeth cleaning and check up. Because I feel that I have taken ownership of your dental health, and I know that when you could, you made it to your check up and cleaning visits regularly. This is just a small token of our love, gratitude and support that we wish to convey to you and your family, who have been a staunch patronage of our business. The consistent feedback and support we got from you has helped us scale new heights in improving ourselves, and the quality of our services. Our goal is providing our patients with the best care possible, and when despite our efforts it is not perfect, I want to assure to you that it was not our intention and that we will do everything in our power to make it right the second time around.

Last but not least, we wish you all a beautiful Holiday Season and a New Year of good health, happiness and prosperity in a world of peace.

Thank you again for the support and love.

Yours with thanks,

Dr. Bouzida and Team